cream cardigan sweater
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cream cardigan sweater

cream cardigan sweater


cream cardigan sweater

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cream cardigan sweater
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cream cardigan sweater
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cream cardigan sweater
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Excellent value! These underwear are good quality. From some reviews, I was expecting flimsy or flawed products, but these are better than many other kinds I've tried. A steal of a price per underwear, especially compared to women's panties sets.

As an adult female, and I find these to fit better than ones made for adults. I usually buy whatever smallest adult size packs they sell at Target, and those are usually slightly too big. I'm 5'5'', 127 lbs (25" waist, 36" hips) and I lift weights, so I'm not a stick. The size 14 was perfect for me. I like my underwear to fit snug, not loose.

You have to approach the color selection from a fun, lottery perspective. You get a surprise pack of colors and patterns. Mine were: 4 blues (2 solids/2 patterns), 2 pinks (1 solid/1 pattern), and 1 white. They all have contrasting color waistband. The patterned ones are neat, kind of remind me of tie dye!
Medium weight....good for those in between cool days.
no a fan, my fault for not going into a store and trying them on even if they were my size they didn't fit well worse after washed
Lots of easy-to-wear combos, great deal. This looks like higher quality than another set I ordered. I accidentally ordered 2 of this one, glad I did - I look forward to sharing!
nice fit
My partner and I have purchased these numerous times.
He likes the fit of these the most out of all the Hanes briefs he has purchased. They also seem to be a better quality than the other briefs they offer and the quality lasts longer.
Good fit after washing
Just as others have indicated, this shirt fits me the same as my other regular XL t-shirts. I am a maie, 5' 11" 210 lbs. 44" chest.

I purchased these shirts to be used in place of the more expensive sunblock shirts. I also wanted to use them when I was swimming while on vacation. They worked great. Let me tell you what I experienced. I put the shirt on and it felt like my regular XL T-shirt. The sleeves were a bit long but what could you expect? Remember, the manufacturer has to provide a shirt to fit a number of body types that need XL. Some folks have long arms and others not so long. I simply folded up the sleeve. Problem solved. The shirt had a loose overall feel that I like.

On vacation, I spent a lot of time in the sun and the sun blocking effect worked just fine. Remember these are not total sun blocking only SPF 50, Then I went into the water with the shirt on. Of course the shirt got wet just like my T shirt would and the fit became, as expected, a bit sloppy. The sleeves seemed to sag a bit but this I overcame by simply pulling up on the sleeve at the shoulder. I had no problem swimming and snorkeling with this shirt. As you may know. the normal expensive sunblock shirts have a tighter fit. If this is what you would like, I would suggest ordering a smaller size. If you want this mostly for swimming, I would down size. If you want it for both swimming and lounging around as I did, the size was just fine.
Aweful, none of the buttons work right and the instructions that came along with it don't seem to be fore this watch. Also the buttons get pressed all the time and mess up the time. The alarm goes off every hour and I can't find out how to make it stop, in fact I think it's just a bad watch and it doesn't do what it is supposed to, I had to take it away because the hourly beep made me crazy. It was for my 6yo who's learning time. Terrible terrible, eventually I got him this [Misskt Outdoors Watch with Blue Velcro Strap Children Kids Watches Outdoor Sports Boy Girl Waterproof Watches] instead and its MUCH better for learning the concept of time, plus no buttons to accidentally press.
Great value
I had reservations ordering these earrings since most of this length are usually on the heavy side. I was truly delighted when they arrived. Well packed, additional post closures and as colorful as can be, these are just what I hoped for.
First wear. Great fit. Looks good. Love them! Much better than the female version. Pockets and nicer fit.
My husband loves these
Perfect fit which for a large guy is important you got the fit perfect even if he raises his arms no belly or buttcracks!!
These shirts are really comfortable to wear, however there may be some quality issues with multiple washes.
Light weight, silky feel
Nice socks.
I will be buying this again
I'm very happy with m Wrangler shorts. They're comfortable and that's what I look for in both shorts and Jeans.
Love the cut and thin material. I have these in medium in short sleeve which is way too big but the small is a bit too tight. Will order one size up and see how the sizing is. The fabric is light, breathable and flexes easily, unlike the A4 brand which is more stiff.
The robe fits a little large on my 6' 190 frame, but is do-able. It's a little heavier than I thought it would be and the shawl collar does add warmth where it is folded over, around the neck and on the chest. It will work better for me as the days get colder.
FYI: the belt was not attached, but loose.
very nice color and quality. will purchase again.
They are small, super light and feel like you are wearing nothing. The problem I had was the material was very thin and when you sweat the shorts cling quite a bit. I would recommend wearing these over compression shorts. If you sweat a lot the shorts will cling to the goods and leave little to the imagination.
Very cool necklace. Super original! My 9 year old son loves it.
The sweater arrived with loose, ripped threads :( Too bad, it’s a cute color.
Highly recommended
Comfortable fits just right.
Sooo so cute. Daughter loves